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Although the topic of death is morbid and sensitive, one of the best and most important things anyone can do is talk about it with an estate planning attorney. If you're a Texas resident, Chris Parvin is who you should be speaking with.

Estate Planning

Anyone, no matter the size of their wealth or possessions, can benefit from planning ahead with a will. You can ensure that after you pass away, your loved ones will have instructions for your wishes whatever they may be.

Probate Law

Chris Parvin has the experience needed to guide clients through the Texas probate process from filing the initial application all the way to the final tax filing. For assistance with the probate process contact Chris Parvin today.

Elder Law

Not only can attorney Chris Parvin assist estate planning and probate, but he can also help guide clients through matters of elder law. We are honored to be able to help Texas families plan for the care and health of their elderly loved ones.

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Chris Parvin is a Board Certified Attorney in Estate Planning and probate lawyer Dallas in the state of Texas who can help protect the wealth and assets of you and your family. To schedule an initial consultation, call or email him today.